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A Mess Of Mesas: Pt. 3

We've recently created a new type of embossing system that gives us this unique texture. It looks similar to the natural erosion you might see on an outdoor stone. Just a particular spot where droplets reformed the plane of the surface over many many years. A few choice designers we had look closely at this piece were convinced we used acid to create these divots. Having people intrigued by the texturing was heartwarming because we could see their gears turning- their imaginations flourishing. The possibilities with them picturing furniture parts, pull handles, table legs and even some light fixtures sought much excitement in us. We eager to see the opportunities come where we can create something bigger with this embossing. Shown here in our Signature Antique Brass but personally, I'd love to see how a high polished finish turns out. The divots have texturing within them so they wouldn't necessarily be polished but the plateaus between them could be. The contrast with a "flat" surface having both polished and low spots of the emboss being unpolished... see, it makes our imagination run too.


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