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The CA-50

The CA-50 is the new Alabaster variant of this style ceiling fixture we introduced previously.

The beauty of this fixture is not only the the unique Alabaster shades OR the JH embossed brass bar that you won't find anywhere else on the market... but the price. For what's involved with the production of this fixture specifically, it takes very little time compared to most- which means we can pass the savings along.

This is fixture has a lot of capability. We're offering this all our Signature finishes, 11 different shades styles and can actually be height customized on site. Now, we prefer to do the customizing here at the shop for you but this piece can be tweaked some during install. The fixture spans 48" wide so it holds a bit of real estate as well. Great for a dining room or kitchen or anywhere really. Contact us today for a quote and shade availability.


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