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Terms & Conditions

Your use of this website is deemed as acknowledging and accepting the Terms & Conditions listed here.



Any quotes given are created for the client's specifications. If the you or the client so chooses to make changes to any aspect of the item(s) quoted at any time, JH Lighting may revise the quote. This revision may include the pricing of items produced by JH Lighting, freight / crating / packaging costs and additional items such as bulbs or spare parts. 

All quotes are valid for 60 days from the date it was given by JH Lighting, Inc. to you, the client or your purchasing agent.

"Lead Times" or production times are estimated and may change at any time. If the client so chooses to make changes to items after the order is placed, JH Lighting may revise the Lead Time. In some cases, these lead times may be as long as 24 weeks as some items require materials produced from international sources or naturally occurring materials that are not readily available.

Customization & Custom Made Items &

Most all of our items can be customized upon request. Customization options vary from item to item and may not share the same options. Pricing for custom item it calculated only after requests are made and JH Lighting Inc. may revise the pricing as determinations during production are made. We will advise you of any changes we deem necessary to complete the build. JH Lighting, Inc. may deny the any customization request if we determine that the option is not feasible by our engineering standards or compromises the safety or integrity of the item.

Applicable customization option requests may include change to diameter, overall height (overall drop), shape and finish options that do not edit our own Signature Finishes.

Custom items cannot be altered, exchanged or refunded once completed and in transit to the client.


If a client concept is presented to JH Lighting Inc personnel, evaluated, quoted, engineered, produced and sold by JH Lighting Inc., the client does not retain exclusivity to the product made from the concept. Exclusivity may be requested but JH Lighting Inc. is not obligated to honor it.

Replication of any item produced by JH Lighting Inc., custom or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.


Our finishes are divided into two categories: House and Premium.

House finishes include Brass or Bronze type finishes.

Premium finishes include Gunmetal, Pewter, Nickel and Chrome type finishes.

These finishes are all prepped and rendered by hand.

Certain finishes may vary in tone, color, striation or patterning. We devote much time to our finishing process but environmental factors such as ambient temperature and humidity may cause inconsistencies.

We always do our very best to have all parts of the same fixture matching.

Some finish types are considered "Live Finishes" in which the finish will naturally age over time.

They may darken or lose luster depending on the environment they are installed in. This process varies from location to location.

For preventative maintenance of the finish, you may contact us directly for tips or refer to the care sheet provided with your item.

We do offer refinishing services for JH Lighting Inc. made items at a cost and we will never accept another manufacturer's product for finishing. We will never divulge our process or the materials used to create out Signature Finishes.


We require full payment before orders go into production. This includes any orders placed direct through JH Lighting personnel by phone contact, website, email or through a JH Lighting authorized representative, unless otherwise specified.

By payment, the client acknowledges and agrees to the Term & Conditions outlined here regarding Quotes, Ordering, Payment, Shipping and Warranty.

When an order is placed and payment is received, we will send the you or the client a Work Order Confirmation to acknowledge the the order. This confirmation will specify the general details of their order including style number, custom options, quantity, finish and billing / shipping information. You or the client will need to review the information on this document and let us know immediately if any changes need to be made.

All orders are subject to availability.

All photos of products seen here may not exactly represent the product the client receives as some use naturally occurring materials, such as translucent stones or crystals, and we have no control what nature produces.

All light fixtures produced by JH Lighting are tested thoroughly within our facility to UL standards.


Checks are the preferred form of payment. Checks must be made out to JH Lighting, Inc. and sent to our address below:

JH Lighting, Inc.

129 Broiles St.

Jacksonville, Texas 75766

We will never ask you to forward payment to any other address or entity if you placed an order direct through JH Lighting, Inc. personnel by phone or email and this website (

If you placed an order through an authorized JH Lighting, Inc representative showroom or an Interior Designer / Purchaser,

then they have sole responsibility over your payment and JH Lighting, Inc. will not be liable for any incorrect, miscalculated or additional charges executed by the Representative, Interior Designer or Purchaser.


Website purchases require the use of PayPal for card payments. JH Lighting, Inc. is not responsible for any issues through the PayPal system including but not limited to: overpayment, double charges or glitchy payment forms.

If issues with PayPal arise, you must contact your bank or PayPal directly. You may contact JH Lighting, Inc for support but we are not obligated to assist.

Once a payment or specified deposit for an order is made, we are not obligated to return the full amount if you or the client wishes to cancel an order while it is in production. In nearly all cases, a percentage it retained for the cost of materials and labor spent up to the point at which a request to cancel is made.


All items produced remain property of JH Lighting until paid in full.

Items do not ship until paid in full, at which time the sale is final.

In some cases, freight may be invoiced separately from the client's order.

Freight / Shipping costs are subject change at shipper's discretion. In most cases, freight costs are "to be determined" until JH Lighting receives a ship-to address and the items are packaged and/or crated.

Some items may ship through the United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) and tracking info will be provided when the item(s) leave our facility.

Larger or "Over-sized" items that require crating with wood are shipped via a trucking company of our choosing. Tracking info will be provided when the item(s) leave our facility. 

Oversized items are preferred to be sent to a "Receiving House" or Receiver due to many residential areas prohibiting large trucks. Most trucking companies add significant charges for residential delivery because they require certain equipment.

Care must be exercise when removing items from packaging / crate. Never using sharp tools or objects close to the items(s) made by JH Lighting, Inc.

We are not responsible for improper removal of items from the packaging. 

We do not ship internationally and do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or non-land connected territories of the U.S.

In cases where JH Lighting products need to be shipped internationally, the client must assume and arrange all freight responsibilities.

It is the client's responsibility to inspect all received items and notify us of any issue within 10 days.

JH Lighting, Inc is not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping. Meticulous care is always exercised to ensure the integrity of our products in packaging before they leave our facility and items are always insured through the shipper.

In cases where items arrive damaged due to the shipping process, we must be notified immediately.

If items arrived damaged, do not discard any of the package contents or the items themselves.

Photographs may be required of the damage, packaging contents and the item(s) contained.

Installation & Maintenance 

It is always advised that our light fixtures are installed by qualified electricians.

JH Lighting, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever to you or the client which may be incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the operation of any factor beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to: act of God, legislation, war, failure or interruption of supplies or utilities, strike or other industrial action by workers. 

With most orders, we provide specific installation instructions for the item(s) and preventative maintenance instructions.

In cases where a custom fixture / item is produced by JH Lighting, we provide our direct contact information so installers may connect with us for any questions or concerns regarding our products. We are more than happy to inform and advise the care needed for them.

Bulbs may or may not be provided depending on the light fixture or lamp purchased.

You or the client may inquire to having bulbs added to their order for a cost, if they are not provided.

After the items are received, bulbs are the responsibility of the client. 

Bulb type, style, wattage and temperature are all specified by JH Lighting and clients are welcome to contact us for questions regarding bulb compatibility.

Issues caused by unspecified or incompatible bulbs are not the fault of JH Lighting.

For "Hard-Wired" LED lighting items, bulbs are not replaceable. In the event these fixtures encounter issues, the client will need to contact us directly for options. Attempting to replace these Hardwired light systems without expressed permission from JH Lighting, Inc. will void the product warranty.


We retain a ONE year warranty policy for our products and begins the day the items leave our facility.

This warranty is reserved for minor finish blemishes due to shipping, faulty electrical components and suspension issues. 

If any of these issues are found, we must be contacted immediately.

We will ask the client to return the items to initiate a fix.

We recommend keeping the packaging for a short time after the items arrive in case any issues arise.

We are not responsible for improper sizing of an item in its final installed space or environmental factors affecting items produced by JH Lighting. These effects include but are not limited to: improper height or width, the environment altering the original finish, electrical faults caused by damp locations, warping / altering of parts by excessive heat or general damage caused by external sources. 

Repairs may be requested by you or the client to resolve these effects. Please note that some negative environmental factors may compromise an item to where a repair may not be possible.

If the client has questions about our products and how they might react to a specific environment, please contact us before ordering.

It will be the responsibility of the client to ship the items back to our facility where we will evaluate the repairs needed and determine an exact cost to resolve the issue along with the out-bound freight cost back to the client.

Any repairs executed upon a JH Lighting, Inc. made item by a third party or non-JH Lighting Inc. personnel, will void the warranty. This includes but is not limited to: electrical components, fasteners, suspension systems or natural elements used to create items such as glass or crystal shades.

Intellectual Property

All quotations, designs, drawings and photography remain our property and are copyright of JH Lighting, Inc.

You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied from this website shall remain at all times vested in JH Lighting, Inc. You are permitted to use this material only as expressly authorized by JH Lighting, Inc. 

You acknowledge and agree that the material and content contained within this website is made available for your personal non-commercial use only and that you may (if necessary to make a purchase on this website), download such material and content onto a single computer hard drive for such purpose. 

Any other use of the material and content of this website is strictly prohibited. You agree not to (and agree not to assist or facilitate any third party to), copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material and content. 
We reserve the right to make changes to the product descriptions without prior notice. 
JH Lighting, Inc. will not be liable for any loss of content or material (uploaded or transmitted), through their website and accept no liability of any kind for any loss or damage from action taken based on the material contained therein. JH Lighting, Inc. will take all reasonable precautions to protect the security of customer details and payment information, but cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorized access to information customers provide online.

General Policy

We reserve the right to refuse delivery to any individual or company.

We reserve the right to discontinue products and to change our prices. 

We reserve the right to deny a refund for custom items made to client specifications.

We reserve the right to change our Terms & Conditions from time to time and your continued use of the website or any part of it following such a change shall be deemed as acceptance of the new terms. It is your responsibility to check regularly for any changes to these Terms.

Naturally Occurring Elements

Alabaster is translucent stone that we have mined in Spain- where the finest alabaster is found. Each piece we design is carved from the heart of a boulder. Due to the nature of this stone, no two pieces are alike. The naturally occurring color tone, opaque density and veining will vary. Rest assured, we match all sets when more than one is purchased.

Care for alabaster is simple- avoid heat. Hot light bulbs, heaters, ovens and fireplaces will drain the inherent moisture held within the stone, making it become chalky over time. But with the technology of LED bulbs which produce little heat, the lifespan of lit alabaster extends exponentially. Preventative maintenance is minimal for alabaster kept indoors - a light wipe from dust with a dry cloth from time to time. Do not use chemical cleaners or polishers as it may alter the protective coating we apply to the stone or alter the stone itself. Outdoor alabaster is best to be kept out of direct sunlight and inspected from time to time for any environmental effects. If any abnormalities arise with your Alabaster, feel free to contact us.

Selenite is also part of the gypsum family and like it's cousin, Alabaster, it is also translucent. Selenite appears more clear, like glass and is compromised of many layers. These layers transmit light very well. A large piece of this crystal could have a single small light source and you will find the light traveling along the edges of the stone like a fiber optic. These stones are entirely natural and have unique qualities. Due to the nature of this stone, no two pieces are alike. The naturally occurring color tone, opaque density and veining will vary. Rest assured, we match all sets when more than one is purchased. These crystals are always inspected thoroughly and tested extensively to ensure the integrity of the piece so they may be mounted safely in any context. Preventative maintenance is minimal for Selenite - a light wipe from dust with a dry cloth from time to time. Do not use chemical cleaners or polishers as it may alter the protective coating we apply to the stone or alter the stone itself. Selenite is a very soft stone and can be scratched with something as light as a fingernail. Take great care when moving and cleaning the stone. If any abnormalities arise with the stone, feel free to contact us.

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