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A few weeks ago I shared a 16 downlight chandelier, and this mesh tube sconce was made to match that fixture. Actually 5 were made to match it and they looked fantastic.

This sconce seems straight forward of a build but in honesty, we took some time thinking about how we wanted to build it due to the physical constraints of parts that exist. We have to source pieces from suppliers and sometimes sizes we'd like to use simply dont exist. The tube is only 2" in diameter from the outside and needs to hold another frosted tube and wire mesh inside it AND still house the socket and bulb. That's a very tight space. The seen part of the acrylic is nearly 15 inches... The only bulb that would fit comes at a maximum of 12 inches. No one makes a 15 inch bulb. How do we build the lamp so the bulb can be replaced- with the arms on top and bottom?...

Questions like this always come up and the answer isnt always clear and noticeable immediately. But the solution always comes to us. Sometimes it takes getting out of the shop, sleeping on it, building a mock-up, shelving the idea for a few days... patience.

You dont always need an answer immediately.


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