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A Mess Of Mesas: Pt. 1

Making tables and frames is an interesting part of our work here. More often than not when we're approached with a table design, the engineering scrutiny we put into the building it is a little tedious. Not because we haven't built many many many tables before it, but because we think "how do we build this thing to last forever?" "how do we make it sturdier?" "how do we ensure that it can support the 200 lb table top and then some?"....

We make it a point to out design concerns that we feel wouldn't be secure or meet out standard of engineering. We are NOT the kind of manufacturer to just get a CAD drawing and just go "ok, we do it as drawn and if it falls apart- it aint our problem" *wipes hands*

Our input in structural integrity is part of the job.

This table went through a number of iterations. Essentially the beefed up version of our Parisian table. It was engineered to hold a massive concrete table top. Thick and heavy. Our rep who conceptualized this frame knows the drill. We worked together to find the right solution to make this frame sturdier than anything else in the room. Altogether, it may have been about ~350 lbs.

It was 46" in diameter. It had 18" curved 1/2" thick legs, held together with a 3/8" thick ring. Super sturdy. Ultimately, it was finished in our Signature Oil Rubbed Bronze. Unfortunately, we dont always get to see the product in place where it resides in photos but we've been told it looks fantastic.

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