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A Mess of Mesas: Pt. 2

Some tables challenge our approach. Different shapes or even finishes that force us to "re-interpret how we build to the wheel." We generally have a protocol for internal connections and assembly, how we choose what parts to solder together, how to finish parts or the entire piece to get consistency and our signature fingerprint... BUT... sometimes we get a curve ball and we have to rethink the entire approach.

Hexagonal top and bottom. Three multi-angled panels for legs. Made from solid 1/8" sheet brass- entirely soldered (welded) together. Dual finished inside Antique Brass and outside Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Manufacturing this piece was not for the faint of heart...

The end result looked incredible, as you can see.

Without giving too many tricks away, I can say that great care was taken to soldering this piece together. Heat + Metal usually makes said metal warp, soften and distort if every parameter isnt thought out- especially material this thin. Not only was this table solid but it was perfectly flat top and bottom; didn't rock a millimeter in any direction. Bending and shaping the material is the easy part (all math withstanding) and finishing was less of a challenge than we realized. Dare we say, this little end table was fun to build.


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