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Chandeliers Revisited pt. 1

Wow. Happy New Year. say the least, it's been a heck of a ride.

Sometimes trying to 1-up yourself is a good problem to have. When we complete a fixture we usually go through a pattern of thinking- weeks after, of ways to adapt it for different settings or changing a shade or finding a more efficient lamp source. It's our nature to always try to make something better or a slight different from its original design. Maybe not to alter the design permanently, but more as an exercise for our own creativity.

In the case below, it is our CA-746. A contemporary 6-arm chandelier with the option of using a 6" tall Alabaster or glass tubular shade.

All in all, not too shabby...

This design was quite popular after its introduction. It's always been a fairly subtle chandelier considering its geometry in the rooms where they've made their home. Our track record is solid with all our work and this one, like the rest, has never garnered a complaint.

So why stop there?

How do way make this otherwise perfect ceiling fixture even better?

Now we're talking. How about a 12" tall Alabaster shade... maybe we're on to something...


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