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Custom is catching

We really become giddy when we're presented with a concept that we haven't undertaken before.

We know what you're thinking... "pfft, that dont look that hard to build"

and ya know, looks are deceiving. But the sheer size of this fixture took a bit more engineering than one would assume.

It's over 8 feet long and 10 inches tall by 5 inches wide... all made from a single sheet from brass. Determining how to mitigate the sag and warping of the sides, proper way to suspend the whole piece from only the ends, finding the proper tooling to create the holes for the downlight, the depth of the bulbs so that it isnt inconvenient to replace bulbs, all before deciding how to finish this damn thing (which actually had to be done by hand and turned out beautiful)... the amount of thought that goes into a somewhat simple looking fixtures just proves our attention to even the smallest details. No corners cut. Such a nice build and fun too!


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