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Good tidings

Keeping it simple for this last post of the year... sometimes it's better to keep things like that. About this time, we like to reflect on the year; the ups and downs, the creative jobs and the difficult ones- To say we do everything right 100% of the time would be hubristic and pretentious. As a small business we have our fair share of strife navigating the waters of instant gratification with "easy to use" manufacturers and retailers. Someone could easily hop online to buy a cheap overseas made lamp that functions to their liking but after some time, it gets tossed away and they go to buy a new one. Understandably so...

If you're reading this then you know well our trade is not an inexpensive one- with that, our client base is limited. We are no stranger to the reality of it, which ultimately pushes us to work even harder for those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford our work. Our clients understand that somethings shouldn't be thrown away after a couple years. They understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating something specifically for them. And they too could easily travel to Amazon or Home Depot to find something cheaper, made from lesser materials which is just as functional for their needs...

but there's just no love in it.

That's what you get from us and so many other creators in our industry. Long lasting, hand and love made products.


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