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Hex yeah!

Building the new TCC-63 Hexagonal Selenite fixture is a lot of fun for us.

There's a lot of internal machining that takes place that no one even sees but it's required to house the lighting element so these pieces of stone light up. It's a fixture that requires a bit of math. Every side has to be accurately cut and drilled to match the joiners at each corner. These joiners have to be machined to the exact degree to give us the shape. It's a fixture that requires layers of thinking ahead.

Parts for this fixture take up about a week of time at the machines themselves. It could take a little less time but we can either do it fast or do it right. One mess up and it's start over from the beginning. All this before we even get to cutting and shaping the stones to fit.

Final assembly is another careful process. We carefully make the lighting elements and fit them into place nicely, not scratching the finish. Once all the metal components are in place and tied- this fixture is solid as a rock. Then we place the stones which by now are chosen and formed. Testing begins and takes place for a week with most of our ceiling fixtures.

This is the process where we suspend the fixture, all wired and lit to see how the fixture holds. We test voltage and electrical grounding of the piece. We even sometimes bump the fixture to simulate how a fixture reacts if it were to be hit accidentally. Every piece of lighting that leaves our shop goes with confidence to its new home. Engineering integrity sound.

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