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I just realized...

I have yet to blog about our Esperanza Collection! Let's get right into it...

The Esperanza Collection is our robust line of reading lamps. Each made by hand from raw brass stock, they use an alternating style of Square / Round material to create an accessible light source. It's sleek but intricate, elegant but subtle, contemporarily aesthetic and utilitarian. A lot of thought went into the the shade designs and how the swivels separate the swing arms. Much care is taken to the tolerances of the swivels to have the minimal amount of loose play but still have each arm smoothly adjust to fit the user's needs.

These lamps are offered in floor, wall and desk models to outfit any room with any configuration. They can be made to any of our Signature finishes and are all LED compatible. This line has been quite popular and we're still sending them out monthly. Visit the Esperanza Collection page to see the full line and call us for a quote today!


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