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It's pretty sweet

Usually our new designs start with a drawing or more commonly, a concept crudely built with components we have lying around the shop. This new addition to our Galaxy Collection Line really looks fantastic and the downside to the newer fixtures we've created over the last year is that pictures just don't do them justice.

I mean, even with expensive / professional cameras... viewing the several angles in 3 dimensions, understanding the geometry's complexity and simplicity and including feeling the slight warmth of light standing underneath- particularly with the Galaxy and Spirale Collections. We certainly recommend finding one of our representative showrooms near you to see these fixtures.

Ceiling Fixture custom handmade from solid brass. Suspended by cable. 24 Down lights in an oval shape.
The Star Burst from the Galaxy Collection

Like all our fixtures, this can be customized. From the suspension to the size, we are ready to hear your suggestions to make this fixture or any of our lamps, your very own.

You will have to contact us before placing any order with customization not listed on their product pages. There's a myriad of different things we can do to make a fixture your own; far too many to list in the online store. But we have an open line to all our clients to understand the product is built sturdy and to your liking. Give us a call today!


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