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Put a Halo above your head

More often than not, we gather around a particular custom fixture and discuss the finished work. We look at it from different angles and photos, marinating on the overall look. It's satisfying and gives us a chance to pump the brakes on running around our shop which is like an oven in the Texas heat. When we first developed The Halo, we spent the most time staring at this thing.

The Halo Alabaster Pendant

This fixture has gone through a number of variants to find the right appearance- especially with the suspension and canopy. In the end, we found simplicity was our best bet and we couldn't be more pleased with the current result.

The Halo Alabaster Ceiling Fixture

If interested in this model or something similar, please contact us directly. We offer a number of expertly hand-made products engineering and fabricated right here in the USA.


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