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The crux of custom

A lot of times we'll be requested to make just one lamp because the client has their heart set on it. Some are easier to produce than others obviously but we know the capabilities within our facility.

A fixture like this took a little patience and cleverness to make. Making sure the balance was right was paramount for us here and usually custom pieces come down to that one aspect that we need to nail. This design feature might make the aesthetic of the overall fixture like a unique glass shade or it could be a structural feature that is absolutely needed to make sure the piece is sturdy and safe. It varies from custom quote to the next and it makes our job interesting.

Recently, a very nice couple approached us with a remodel of their dining room. They had an idea for a pendant that would be made of solid alabaster.

Essentially, it would've be a rectangular ring approx 50"L x 24"W with an open center. We have fixtures that are similar and they look fantastic. We absolutely wanted a chance to build something like this. Conceptually a great idea and we spent quite a bit of time deciding how we wanted to approach it- all this before a quote was drafted. The stipulation came from the clients though that they have a barrel ceiling AND that the fixture couldn't exceed 70 lbs because they had no way to reinforce this rounded ceiling. We began to crunch numbers, not for the price but the weight. It was discovered that the estimated weight of the fixture would be just passed that 70 lb threshold.

It was a short heartbreak at that moment because we knew that we wouldn't dare risk it even with the client's excitement and our own. Bummer.

If we feel like a design feature cant be created within budget or if the integrity of the design makes us uncomfortable- we like to be clear about passing on it.

Thankfully though, those moments are rare and we get to build many many gorgeous fixtures that inspire us to think outside the box. We love the challenge and end up with sometimes simple yet adorable lamps like this one.


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