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The Man-O-...New

Our Man-O-War is just magnificent. The first iteration wasn't on display for more than a couple weeks before it sold. That first fixture had 21 shades, each with an open bottom on each of the shades that looked great but... us being us- crazy detail oriented, we couldn't help be a little determined to enclose the shade so he bulb within wasn't exposed when a viewer found themselves below it.

Are there not millions of different fixture designs with exposed bulbs?


Should the open bottom shade showing the bulb bother us?


Did this opening bother the client who bought it?

Clearly not.

But we're stubborn perfectionist types here in the shop... so after some time we went for it and created this new version of the Man-O-War. Now with 30 shades, all enclosed with a bulb hidden inside, illuminated beautifully from any angle the fixture is viewed from.

Sometimes you have to be a little nuts to do things right.

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