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the man-o-war

For years we've put into practice using a simple designation when we refer to certain lamps. Esperanza, Terra, Spirale, Galaxy, etc... we do this because more often than not, we'll have a client or designer contact us about a lamp and it's way easier to know which they are referring to. To our credit, we've made a ton of different lamps through 3 decades. This is actually a good problem to have... so we like of throw names at new designs for this purpose.

For this new alabaster fixture, I dont know if Man-O-War fits but it is the first to come to mind.

This ceiling fixture isnt the first of its kind. You may see many like it using different bulbs or metal elements, glass and perhaps even solid rods instead of cable... but you dont see very many with alabaster. These are the very last of this run of caramel alabaster shades in this shape. 21 in total, all cascading down to bring a one-of-a-kind look to a seemingly disorganized pattern. This is certainly a fixture that is very difficult to photo graph. Some things are just meant to be seen UP CLOSE.


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