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Years in the making

The new Terra Collection TCC-63 is a fixture that was conceived many years ago. The original idea used alabaster plates to make a multi-sided ceiling fixture. The issue with design came simply down to the lighting system: Alabaster is much more dense than Selenite, Acrylic and even glass. We can build the plates to any size and mount them to stand on their profile and they can be linked together by the frame... but how do we light it up and it still maintain the aesthetic of the open ring design?

Remember, back in those days, LEDs weren't as common in fixtures and weren't as applicable in tiny panels. A build like this would've required an exposed bulb or spot lamp from another area, possibly the canopy, to shine light onto the alabaster.

With this primary issue, the design was shelved.

With our new LED system, lighting this very same design brought the Terra Collection full circle. Using Selenite in place of Alabaster, this fixture is the pinnacle of eye catching.

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